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This is a continuing instruction series focusing on the fundamentals of meditation. Your instructor for this series is renowned meditation teacher, Mary Ellen Flora.

Preparing Your Body for Meditation

You are spirit, a bright spark of the Cosmic Whole. Your body is your vessel in the physical world. You, the spirit, are the creator of your life. You use your body and associated energy system to create in the material world. Meditation helps enhance your spiritual creativity in the material world.

Your body needs attention in order for you to use it effectively. Your body needs a quiet, comfortable place so it can feel safe for you to turn within and consciously awaken as spirit. Meditation puts you and your body into a state of being which is focused inward to your spiritual awareness. You can use some of the meditation techniques in daily life but a complete focus on meditation requires your spiritual and physical attention. Please do not meditate while doing physical tasks that require your attention such as driving a car or operating equipment. Meditation requires your attention and involves your body so you cannot effectively perform physical tasks while meditating. Create a quiet place and time to meditate and you will be rewarded.

CREATE A QUIET ENVIRONMENT with a straight backed chair. You do not need a special place, just a safe, quiet one.

SIT STRAIGHT IN YOUR CHAIR with your feet separate and flat on the floor and your hands separated and relaxed on your lap. This posture opens your energy system so you can turn within and be open to yourself.

CLOSE YOUR EYES and take some slow, deep breaths to relax your body. Focus on yourself by listening to your breathing and your heartbeat. Breathe slowly and deeply throughout your meditation to relax your body by sending rejuvenating oxygen through your physical system.

Begin your meditation with this posture and inward focus. Use the breathing to relax your body and to help focus your attention inward. This is time to focus on you, the spirit, and to rejuvenate your body.

HOMEWORK: Practice this posture and exercise for ten minutes a day.